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Toner Tabs


Clogged pores? Blackheads? Pimples? Toner Tabs will solve all your problems! Throw a toner tab into a bowl of boiling water, and let the steam soak into your pores. The citric acid makes the toner tabs sizzle and steam when they get thrown into the water, so be sure to get your snapchat ready! The synergistic blend of tea tree oil, lavender, and frankincense essential oil help to repair your pores! 

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Additional Info

||| Ingredients |||

Organic Witch Hazel

Organic Citric Acid

Organic Baking Soda

Dried Flowers

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Organic Essential Oil Blend

||| Directions For Use |||

Pour barely boiling water into a bowl.

Drop one Toner Tab into the bowl.

Place towel over head and hover over steam for at least 20 minutes.

*Follow with Floral/Blackhead Mask!