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Tea Tree Toner

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Have large pores, oily skin, pimples? We gotchu! Toner is the best thing for you, to close those pores up with the miracle of life (AKA TEA TREE OIL, Duh..) This toner is not limited to problem skin, although it will not only help to solve your blemishes, it will help to prevent any appearing down the road! Use this either as a spray, or use it in the same way you would use an astringent, spray on a cotton ball/clean cloth and wipe gently over your clean face. 

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Additional Info

||| Ingredients |||

Organic Witch Hazel


Organic Tea Tree Oil

||| Directions for Use |||

Spray directly onto a freshly cleaned face.


Spray onto a cotton round/clean cloth, then gently wipe across face, to get a deeper clean.

*Follow with Tamanu Face Oil!