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Skin Care

Tamanu Face Oil

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Tamanu combined with Jojoba Oil?!?**MUWA** perfection! Both oils are great for problem/oily/acne skin, preventing and helping any imperfections from reappearing! I understand that the concept of putting oil on problem skin seems counterintuitive, but Jojoba Oil is not an oil but a wax, so it will help to balance your oily skin. Tamanu Oil works WONDERS for skin with acne scarring, pimples, and oily pores! Using this daily face oil will help to reduce redness, ward off excess oil, and keep your skin clear! 

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Additional Info

||| Ingredients |||

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Tamanu Oil

Essential Oil Blend

Organic Vitamin E Oil

||| Directions For Use |||

Put a dropper full of oil into hand.

Lightly massage onto clean face.

For a lighter coverage, apply a couple drops into hand, then spray a few pumps of  Tea Tree toner, combine, and apply to face. 

*Be sure to use Tea Tree Toner before applying Tamanu Face Oil!