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Green Tea Scrub


Help your pimples chill out with this Green Tea Face Scrub. Green tea naturally calms any redness on your face, while the oils act as cleansing agents, cleaning out your pores as you gently scrub away. Pimples can be caused and/or take longer to heal due to lack of moisture, so using this scrub 1x a week helps to restore and balance your complexion, while gently healing your skin. Put in all that hard work, with no vacation, and with this green tea scrub your skin will show no signs of it!!

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||| Ingredients |||

Organic Sugar

Organic Ground Green Tea Leaves

Organic Almond Oil

Organic Apricot Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil Infused with Green Tea

Organic Tea Tree Oil

Organic Vitamin E Oil

Organic Tamanu Oil

||| Directions for Use |||

After cleaning face, gently massage and scrub this into face.

Leave on for a couple minutes, or wash off right after application, with a warm face cloth.

*Follow with Tamanu Face Oil!