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Flower Mask


Do not fret, this mask may look tiny, but it is mighty. Put a small amount of the clay in a small bowl and add water in small amounts, mixing until you reach the consistency you want. Then use a clean facial brush and apply the mask to your whole face or just any problem areas you have! If you prefer thinner masks, this should last 4-5 masks, if you like thicker masks, you should get 2-3 masks out of the jar! Without adding any water or oil to the clay, it can last on your shelf, virtually forever, until you remember to use it. 

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||| Ingredients |||

Organic French Green Clay

Organic Dried Rose Buds

Organic Dried Lavender Buds

Organic Chamomile Flowers

Organic Rosehip Essential Oil

||| Directions for Use |||

Put a teaspoon of dry mask into a small bowl.

Slowly add water until desired consistency is reached. 

Apply mask to face with fingertips or small mask brush.

Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes.

Gently remove with a warm, wet face cloth. 

*Follow with a small amount of Rose Face Oil!