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Blackhead Buster Mask


All blackheads are not created equal, some are big, and some are small. But, they all are annoying as heck to see on your face. This painless mask pulls those blackheads out of your face, without you having to cry from ripping hardened paper off your face! Bentonite clay & activated charcoal are sidekicks yanking the blackheads right out, saying "I ain't sorry!" Use this mask 2x a week, at the most. Your skin is sensitive and you don't want to overdo it. Leave this mask on for 10 minutes tops, or until you feel discomfort from the drying process! 

We offer this mask to be bought wet or dry:

The wet mask should be used within 1-2 months of purchase and stored in the fridge for optimal freshness!

The dry mask has unlimited shelf life! To use, put a spoonful of the dry mask into a small bowl. add small amounts of water and mix until consistency is reached. (TIP: Replace regular water with hot water steeped with green tea)

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||| Ingredients |||

Organic Bentonite Clay

Organic Activated Charcoal

Essential Oil Blend

||| Directions for Use |||

Put a teaspoon of dry mask into a small bowl.

Slowly add water until desired consistency is reached. 

Apply mask to face with fingertips or small mask brush.

Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes.

Gently remove with a warm, wet face cloth. 

*Follow with a small amount of Tamanu Face Oil!