Spoil Into Soil

Happy International Compost Awareness Week! In honor of this week dedicated to composting, I wanted to do my part to spread awareness on the importance of composting! 72% of Americans alone do not compost, most likely out of ignorance, unwillingness, or lack of knowledge. Most people do not have an understanding of what happens when food is not composted correctly, which leads them to continue to throw food away.

In my opinion, the most important part of starting and continuing to compost is to fully understand the importance behind composting! In short, when food is sent to landfills it creates problems for the environment that are invisible to the eye. Food that sits in landfills lacks the necessary oxygen to decompose. Without oxygen, food will release greenhouse gases, which in turn contributes to climate change. Luckily, composting is incredibly easy, and can be accessible for anyone!

Firstly, collecting fruit and vegetable scraps is extremely simple and not stinky at all! Simply, put a bowl in your freezer and add any food scraps to the bowl. Over time as the bowl begins to fill, you will either dump it in your personal compost bin/pile, or put it into a container and make the trip to a local drop off location!

Don’t consider yourself unable to compost because you live in a city. Conducting a quick google search for composting bins/facilities near your location is the easiest way to begin composting! If you have no luck finding a center near you, visit a local farmer's market and ask the vendors if they know of any schools/community gardens/companies that accept compost. If you live in an apartment complex, composting is still a viable option! By purchasing a composting bin, you can collect your food scraps and turn it into fertile soil either on your roof or balcony! Eventually, others will be inspired to compost with you, which could begin a composting revolution within your complex!

Obviously rural locations will have easier access to composting since you have access to your own land. Research how to start your own compost pile or again, buy a composting bin and before you know it you will become a composting guru.

After composting, you will feel the success of turning an object you once thought of as trash into lush rich, nutrient full, composted soil, for the betterment of the planet, your plants, and you! Take initiative and begin composting today!