Find simplicity in living waste free

The world that we live in revolves around consuming products and creating waste. The products we use on a daily basis have been constructed to align with our quick, busy, and noncommittal lifestyle. Whether these products are food, drinks, health/beauty products, or clothing, it is usually packaged in plastic, and is meant to be discarded after a short time, then bought for a newer version.

It is possible to omit zero waste and live waste free, which means sending nothing to landfills. By making small adjustments in your lifestyle and becoming a more conscious consumer, we can begin to counteract the unnecessary waste we create. Everyday, each American solely creates 4.3 pounds of waste per day, and two thirds of that waste is being thrown away in the trash when it should be composted or recycled. Our ignorance and lack of knowledge has created this problem and it is quickly leading to the destruction of our personal well being, and more importantly, the planets.

Producing zero waste, may seem like a radical way to live, when in reality it brings each individual back to a more natural way of living. Mom & Pop encourages individuals to live simply, purely, and slowly, as people did before the era of industrialization. Living consciously poses no negative side effects compared to the mainstream way of life, which decays all aspects of life. 

Not only will living a waste free lifestyle better the environment and our personal health, it will create financial stability through lack of spendings on inessential products. Typically there’s a preconceived notion that living sustainably costs more money than living a traditionally wasteful lifestyle, but in actuality you will be cutting costs through sustainable living. You will find, that by becoming a more thoughtful consumer, you end up spending less money on your groceries, clothing, personal products, and household furnishings. This frees you to take more time to enjoy life in the ways that matter. Living more consciously creates opportunities for travel, exploration, and relaxation with the people you love. Mom and Pop lifestyle gives you the ability to make small or big changes in your life, by cutting out waste and living a conscious lifestyle. Each step taken to live a sustainable life adds up to make a big difference in the planet we all inhabit.