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Relaxation Bundle


Looking for a present for someone that needs relaxation but doesn't have time for a Spa night? Our Relaxation Bundle is curated to reduce stress, throughout the day, using crystals, scents, and tea! 

Our Amethyst Calming Spray restores your emotional balance and rids your nervous system of tension! 

Musky and cologne scented, our healing perfume is enhanced with clear quartz to remove negative energies. This crystal is meant to help a bad day turn into a good one through positive thinking!

Lastly, included in this bundle is our reusable tea bags! Sipping on a cup of tea helps to ease tension, and reduce mounting stress. 


-Amethyst Calming Spray

-Healing Perfume

-Reusable Tea Bag (1)

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Market Product Pictures-7.jpg
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