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Extra Care

Amethyst Calming Spritz


Mist your face, pillow, clothes, or hair during times of stress to unwind. Additionally, use this spray before bed to encourage a deep night's sleep!

Amethyst sits at the bottom of this spray due to its plethora of healing benefits. Some of which include easing anxiety, and other nervous system disorders, as well as helping to cure nightmares and insomnia! 

Lavender Essential Oil is also added to eliminate any tension in the nervous system, and improve emotional stability. 

Carry this spray with you and use it as a face mist if you need to regain emotional balance to make it through the day! 

(2 oz)

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Market Product Pictures-7.jpg

Additional Info

||| Ingredients |||

-Witch Hazel

-Lavender Essential Oil

-Rose Water